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Upcoming Weekends

Date      -   Weekend   -   Leader

12-Nov-2020    #20   Dave Denecke

06-May-2021   #21   Andy Hagle

04-Nov-2021   #22   George Carlise

Use Contact Us to contact one of these upcoming Weekend Leaders for more information about how to volunteer to join the ministry by being a team member.

Foothills CI Weekend Team Member Application

 Please print, complete and return to the leader as listed at bottom of page 1 of the application.    Kairos FCI Weekend Team Member Application

Attend the Closing of the Weekend

 On Sunday afternoon the Kairos Weekend concludes with a Closing.  This is a very powerful display of the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is a great way for men that are considering volunteering as Team Members for a future Weekend to get a feeling for the power of this Kairos Prison Ministry.  Attendance at the Closing is open to both Men and Women but not children.  The Closing is held inside the Prison walls so you need to come early, receive safety training and be escorted into the Prison.  You will start the process with completing the Record Request form (click on button below) to allow for a background check.  The form must be completed approximately a month before the date of the Closing.   Please print, complete the center section of the form and return to a Team Member for the weekend or contact the Leader named above.    ​NC DPS DCI Record Request/Verification Form

Join as Prayer Partner

 As we cover all Kairos Activities in Prayer, we have a prayer vigil that goes on for the entire weekend starting Thursday evening then running 24 hours a day through to Sunday afternoon. We ask supporters of Jesus to volunteer by signing up for one of the time slots and pray for both the inmates and our ministry. 

During our weekend in Morganton with the inmates we show them a Prayer Wheel that shows during every hour of the weekend and all the people that have signed up to pray for them. This can be powerful and moving for many of the inmates because many of them have never had anyone to pray for them. 

We ask that you consider supporting our Kairos Weekend by signing up for the Prayer Vigil  ON-LINE: 

  1. Go to 

  2. Under Community Name, scroll down and click on “Foothills Correctional Institution” 

  3. Pick a time slot for which you will commit to prayer for the inmates at the Foothills Correctional Institution. 

  4. Click on “Sign Up” for that time slot and enter your name. 

If you would like some suggestions as a Prayer Partner, download the Kairos Prayer Guide.

If you have any problems using the Prayer Vigil ON-LINE, use Contact Us to get assistance.

Meal Placemats

 For each meal during the Kairos Ministry Weekend the participants will receive a handmade placemat that has an inspirational message about Christ Jesus.  These Placements are treasured by the participants.  Contact a member of the weekend team to help have these made - Here are guidelines for creating placements 

Foothills CI Kairos Advisory Council (AC)

The FCI Advisory Council is a volunteer local leadership group charged with implementing the Kairos Prison Ministry International programs at the local community level.  Each AC Council Member plays a vital role in making sure that our Kairos program is running consistently across our Kairos community and within the institution in Morganton, NC in a way that honors Jesus and follows all the legal requirements for non-profit ministries. This is the current membership of the FCI Kairos Advisory Council (AC).

If you want to contact one of the members of the FCI Kairos Advisory Council send a message using Contact Us.

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DCI_RecordRequest_ClosingForm (pdf)


KairosPrayerGuide_FCI (pdf)


KairosPlacemats_FCI (pdf)


FCI_AC_Membership_Roles_2020 (pdf)


FCI_No_20_TeamApplication (pdf)